Why to choose eMoneySafe Wallet

Some information

Fast Payments

Offers a variety of access options to ensure that your needs are met when making a fast payment. You can transfer funds easily and safely.

Easy Payments

The simple way for online payments. Easy fast and secure.


The eMoneySafe Wallet is an online account where you can stock your money to be used when required. It is like your physical wallet but in a safe and secure place..

Your e-MoneySafe Wallet

Always Available to you

Check your balance in real time, transfer funds from your eWallet to another eWallet account. The transfer is instant.

Use your eMoneysafe wallet and make online purchases easily and quickly, store all of your payment information securely and eliminate the need to carry a physical wallet

So many options for smart online shopping.

eMoneySafe Wallet

Our Wallet allows for easy Peer-to-Peer payments within a wallet and is the ideal solution if you are looking to make regular payments to your employees, vendors or other service providers. Your money will always be accessible and withdrawal can be made via bank transfer at any time. We’ll also walk you through our customer KYC, transaction thresholds and on-boarding processes so that getting you set up will be a breeze.

eMoneySafe and instakasa Vouchers

Very simply, use your instakasa voucher or your moneysafe voucher you purchase and redeemed online on our merchant partner websites directly. Additionally these vouchers can be used to top-up your eWallet account.


For detailed information on all charges visit "Terms and Conditions" here